The Marlin '94

The rifle is a decent CAS gun if you treat it well and do a few mods to make it run smoother.  An action job can be done by you if you're not afraid to do a bit of disassembly.  Couple things I did to make mine run efficient.  NOTE:  I'm not responsible for any mods you make.  I am giving out free ideas which you can use at your own risk.

P. O. Box 318
Bridgewater, SD  57319
$9.95 plus $3.00 S&H
(if you order more than one kit, the shipping is still only $3.00)

Just remember that if you do sell the gun, remove the safety kit and replace it with the original plunger safety bolt!  Any lawyer worth his salt can win a case against you for negligence in selling a gun with a removed safety!

Marlin parts can break.  I have a spare set of the following (ordered from Brownell's) in my range bag.  Note these parts are for a Marlin 1894 Cowboy in .357:

Description Marlin part number Brownell's part number Price
Extractor with spring 514569 550-000-527 8.48
Ejector with spring 501168 550-501-168 8.98
Carrier assembly 514561 550-514-561 31.65
Front sight 414144 550-000-363 13.23
Rear sight complete 414242 550-000-364 19.21
* Firing pin front 414299 440-414-299 10.29
* Firing pin spring 401295 550-401-245 2.68

* Of course, if you use a one-piece firing pin you wouldn't need these items.

The front and rear sight pieces are obviously optional and not a breakage part.  However, I managed to lose my front sight after a match and about 9 months of usage.  It had worked loose and came off!  I bought a complete rear sight at the same time so I could experiment on cutting down the tips off to make the sight picture easier.  It's probably a good idea to check your sights during a cleaning session to be sure they aren't working loose.  The carrier assembly is something that should be replaced after a good couple of years of solid use.  I keep it in the bag just to keep Murphy's law from ruining a match.